As an innovative residential real estate firm, we empower our Associates, so they have more time for advising their clients. With the solutions-driven mindset of a startup and the sophistication of a luxury brand, New Door RE offers its agents cutting edge technology, Outstanding leadership from the top down as well as higher than normal commission.

At New Door RE, we offer our Agents transparent, low transaction fees without sacrificing the polish, presence and professional standards and service that you expect and deserve from a full service brokerage. New Door RE is here to support your business through highly responsive and accessible broker support, leading edge and easy to use technology and reliable agent services.

Absolutely No hidden and No Junk Fees: No Required Franchise Fees, Office Fees, Accounting Fees, International Fees, or Technology Fees!

Keep more of your commissions and reinvest back into you! Why share 30%, 40%, or even up to 50% of your commissions with a broker unless you’re receiving consistent, qualified leads that offset that archaic broker model? If you’re generating your own business, are you truly getting what you’re paying for? Stop giving 30-40 or even 50% of your commission away so the same agents in your office keep getting all the leads.

New Door Real Estate is an award-winning real estate brokerage that focuses on creating superior financial opportunity for real estate entrepreneurs. Our goal is to foster your success and prosperity through mentorship, technology and design.

Our culture is dynamic, energetic and motivational. Our business model is transparent with no gimmicks which leads to a commission structure that is nothing less than revolutionary.


Paperless Transactions

Complete commission Transparency.

We have NO HIDDEN FEES. The days of paying your Broker 30k Plus a year for the “Honor” of waiving their flag are yesterday’s ideas. At New Door Real Estate we understand that you, the Associate, has a significant investment in each transaction. So why let the traditional broker keep an unearned portion of YOUR commission?

Associate Expenses

Associates will be assigned a Monthly Fee Schedule upon beginning their affiliation with New Door Real Estate. A monthly fee is set by the Broker at the time each Associate is hired and the fee will be reviewed every January for the prior year’s performance. Monthly fees will be billed to the Associate on the anniversary of his/her start date. There are two fee structures currently used by the Company:

Flat Transaction Fee Schedule

(Both the Buyer’s and Seller’s sides)

All listings and sales transactions will be assigned a flat transaction fee applicable to all Associates at all levels (the Transaction Fee). These Transaction Fees are as follows and are for listing/sales and are applied per side of the transaction. THERE IS NEVER AN UP FRONT OUT OF POCKET CHARGE TO THE AGENT. Transaction fees are taken at the closing table, New Door associates take home 100% of their commission minus the applicable sales fee at the closing table.

Paid at Closing Fee

$25000fee per each side of the transaction
  • for properties with a closing value of $1 – $250,000

Paid at Closing Fee

$50000fee per each side of the transaction
  • for properties with a closing value of $250,001 – $500,000.

Paid at Closing Fee

$75000fee per each side of the transaction
  • for properties with a closing value of $500,001 – $750,000

Paid at Closing Fee

$100000fee per each side of the transaction
  • for properties with a closing value of $750,001 – $1,000,000 or more
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Document Storage Fee

There will be a $50 document storage fee (Document Storage Fee) for all closed transactions. This fee is applied to each side of the transaction.